Best IPTV Box: IPTV is becoming more and more popular as it is less expensive and provides more channels for the users to watch as compared to the channels provided by the cable operators. According to a study by NBC News, the average cable bill in America is over $100, which indicates an increment of 53% since 2007. On top of that people also pay for their internet service and cell phone service, which isn’t very cheap either.

People nowadays prefer to watch their favorite channels without needing to pay for expensive cable or satellite connections. Here is a guide on how you can find the Best IPTV Box that is suitable for your needs.

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How to Stream IPTV using the IPTV Box and IPTV Device:

In order to watch IPTV content, you are going to require a device that accepts the streamed content, decodes and it later delivers it to the screen of your chosen device.

There are three kinds of devices you can choose from to watch streamed content from IPTV without needing a cable connection.


  • Smart TVs
  • Mobile Phones
  • Set-Top Boxes


Now we know the devices, following are stated some of their pros and cons.


Smart Tv

As compared to other devices, Smart TVs are usually not good to stream with. TVs have limited processing power, are slow to manage and don’t really support any kind of customization. Although they work well with a cable or a satellite connection.


Mobile Phones

The greatest benefit of streaming IPTV content with your mobile phone is probably that you already own the device. They are really fast at streaming as compared to Smart TVs and they’re easy to use due to the touch screen. The biggest problem, though, is that your phone’s screen will never be as large as a Smart TV which reduces its use to one person at a time only.


Set-Top Boxes

Unlike other devices, Set-Top Boxes are specifically designed to stream content and this makes them really good at their job.

A lot of different brands are available in the market which provides different Set-Top boxes ranging from less known brands to major high-end well-known brands in America.

Some of the best IPTV Boxes for streaming are listed below along with their several features.


Best Android IPTV Boxes: One IPTV Option

Android Boxes are very small in size. You connect them to your TV  to access your application, movies, games, tv shows and sports. You can watch almost anything on an Android Box and in addition to listening to music and browsing the internet.

In short, an Android Box makes your Smart TV smarter. Although, you can set up an Android Box on any conventional TV and operate it as a computer. A good and persistent internet connection, such as hard Ethernet wiring or wi-fi, is required for the good streaming of your content. You can use Kodi to stream content or even install other apps.

Android Boxes have become so popular because of their affordability and flexibility. They start from $50 a box ranging to various prices. Even the cheapest box can stream 4K content but they require a little extra configuration to set them up. Boxes that cost a little more offer more things such as more memory and smoother streaming experience. One drawback of Android Boxes is that they look a little old-fashioned compared to other devices.

If you go for an Android Box you will have to access the Android Play Store which contains a huge number of apps that can support your device. Kodi is one of these apps which offers a large number of free plugins although their reliability is questionable because they’re free.

There are a variety of Android Boxes available which vary greatly based on their quality and performance. Following are listed some of the best boxes you can get for IPTV streaming.


1- Amazon Fire TV and Stick:


  • Cheap in cost
  • More features for less cost
  • Provides built-in Alexa



  • Volume Controls are limited to 4K
  • The 4K option is expensive


Amazon Fire TV and Stick are in competition among average tech users because of similar specs. But they are both worth the consideration.

They seem like they function in a similar way, you connect them to television, maintain a good internet connection, create an Amazon account to install apps and watch all kinds of media. Both these devices are designed to support streaming apps, movies, sports, television shows and games which makes them better than the most devices.

The 4K Fire TV supports the streaming of 4K HDR video at a rate of up to 60 frames per second. Compared to this, The Fire Stick only supports up to 1080p HD streaming.



To discuss the specs of the new Fire TV 4K, the most prominent one is its 1.5 GHz quad-core processor which definitely a step up from the processor of Fire Stick which was 1.3 GHz. The processor makes a huge difference because it makes the device work faster and smoother.

If we compare the Fire TV 4K with the Fire Stick, Fire TV would definitely be a better option since it has 4K HDR display and a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor which makes the images way more beautiful and clear compared to the images of the Fire Stick.

And this is not it. Fire TV comes with a memory of 2GB which is 100% more than the memory of Fire Stick. In addition to that, an upgrade has also been made to the GPU. Fire TV consists of Mali450 MP3 instead of Mali450 MP4 like the Fire Stick.

Both devices consist of the same storage which is 8GB and cannot be upgraded because neither of these devices supports a slot for a memory card. Unless you plan on installing a large number of applications, this amount of storage is enough.

Fire TV is better at performance as compared to the Fire Stick and it avoids the lag that could sometimes occur in the Fire Stick.

To conclude this, we’d recommend to save a few extra dollars and opt for the Fire TV because it is better than the Fire Stick in every way and it is absolutely worth it.


2- SkyStream One:


  • Supports a wide range of apps
  • High-quality streaming



  • Obscure brand
  • Expensive


The SkyStream One is said to be the best option among other lesser known brands of android boxes which are easily affordable and good in quality as well. A fully featured SkyStream One provides you access to the best possible quality of movies, television shows, sports etc. Although setting it up and installation and configuration of Kodi is a task that takes time.

The SkyStream One offers you an unlimited number of movies, television shows, sports and documentaries that you can stream easily for your entertainment. This box is a great option to turn your television into a multimedia hub and enjoy streaming through a large number of apps that are available.



The design of this box is engineered in a way that it can go through a rough delivery ride without getting damaged.

The SkyStream One comprises of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop which is an updated version and makes it way better. It offers a great picture quality thanks to the brighter color palette and an improved quality of hardware. One of the most important features is its increased security system, including smart-lock, multi-user mode, guest mode, automatic encryption, screen pinning, and many others.

The SkyStream provides a fast connection due to its new double-band 5 GHz wi-fi connection which reduces the chance of dropping the connection resulting in a smoother streaming experience. It provides a large number of streamed content for free, although you can also install Netflix, HBO Now, Sling TV  etc if you pay for them.

If your TV is 4K Ultra HD then you can get maximum advantage of good picture quality through SkyStream One. Its operating system can do a lot more than just security and good streaming experience. You can customize it however you like.


3- MINGHOO PlayStream Media Player:



  • Great storage capacity
  • Quick and easy to operate



  • Expensive
  • Obscure brand


MINGHOO PlayStream Media Player is a pretty good quality box for an unknown brand. It offers the whole package in its promised price.



It consists of 32 GB of EMMC ROM and 3 GB of DDR3 RAM with a storage extension of 32 GB for your media, apps, games etc.

It offers more than 2500 channels to stream content from which is a lot more than the boxes of other brands. You can stream tv shows, movies, music, live sports, news, kids programs and what not. And on top of that, it provides a really smooth gaming experience without any interruption due to its lightning fast S912 8-Core CPU when playing games online.


4- Infomir MAG 254



  • The best option for gamers
  • Supports 3D video streaming



  • Lesser RAM capacity
  • Expensive


Infomir MAG 254 is very popular due to its power, efficiency, and value when it comes to the world of streaming.



It consists of a 650 MGz processor which carries it 512 MB RAM and makes it a great choice if you want to stream heavy data instead of installing apps. The MAG 254 supports 3D video as well as intensive interactive applications for those who are addicted to watching TV and playing games etc. But if you are a typical user then this is not the option to go for.


5- Roku 3 Streaming Media Player:


  • Supports a large number of remote operations
  • A wide range of devices at various prices



  • Expensive
  • Wide range of devices can be confusing


Roku had to work really hard to make its way to the point where it stands today. The earliest Roku was full of bugs and got easily replaced by other brands. The launch of the third generation of their media player was a huge success and totally worth its price.



It has more than 2000 channels to stream content from. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player comes with headphones. It also provides an online gaming feature. It works with mobile devices and all the TVs that accept an HDMI cable connection. On top of that, it provides a very strong voice search feature which makes everything easier.




  • Easy to use without any lag
  • Good picture quality



  • Less RAM capacity
  • Expensive
  • Tricky to setup



The MINIX NEO U9-H offers the most beautiful image experience due to its ability to support 4K Ultra HD images and videos. It also lets you operate every application you install through the voice search. And it supports DTS licenses and Dolby licenses providing a better sound quality.

It comes with all the essential accessories that you could need for your first time streaming experience, including an HDMI cable, a micro USB cable, an OTG cable, a power supply adapter and an external antenna for wi-fi, plus a mini keypad and an extra remote if you opt for the bundled package. MINIX media boxes use the A2 wireless remote which provides a really easy and smooth navigation experience.


Goobang Doo XB-III



  • Quad-core CPU
  • Availability of 4K libraries
  • 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM
  • Fast loading/downloading time
  • Reduced buffering time
  • Solid HDR capabilities



  • Boring menus
  • Minor input delay through the keypad
  • Regular remote is of no use



The XB-III consists of a 2 GHz quad-core CPU, 16 GB ROM and 2GB RAM. It reduces the buffering time and provides faster installation of applications as compared to its competitors. Although it is surprisingly slow when you start initializing it but its speed boosts up gradually.


7- Formuler Z7+:


  • Uses Android 7.1
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Simple and Easy to setup



  • No external antenna which makes it a little slow



Formuler Z7+ is an upgraded better-made version of Dreamlink T2, which is a well-known box in the IPTV world. The new upgrade is satisfactory enough for both types of users, casual users, and heavy tech users. Formuler Z7+ is a great option to go for if you have a premium IPTV service with a stable internet connection.

It consists of the secure Android Nougat 7.1 operating system which supports thousands of applications along with regularly upgraded security features. It comes in two colors: silver and black, making it really elegant and sleek.

It doesn’t come with an external antenna which doesn’t make it a great option to support a good wi-fi connection. Still, it does the job that it promises as long as you have a good personal internet connection to support the streaming of 4K content.


8- NVIDIA Sheild TV:


  • Includes Amazon which makes it comparable to Roku



  • Very expensive
  • Lesser 4K apps than Roku
  • Doesn’t offer first-tier games unless streaming from PC



NVIDIA is a well-known name and it offers Hulu, Youtube, Netflix and now Amazon along with many other options. It supports 4K and HDR resolution as well but it has a lesser amount of 4K apps as compared to Roku devices but it does offer 4K where its usually needed such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu etc. Netflix and Amazon support HDR resolution as well.

NVIDIA Sheild could be the best option when it comes to streaming games to other devices but it doesn’t support first-tier games that are supported by PC, Xbox or PlayStation which is a great limitation. Although the games that have already had their share of fame are easily available.


9- Beelink AP3:


  • Celeron N3450 quad-core CPU
  • 8GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Supported by Windows 10 and Linux



  • Low-quality hardware



Beelink AP3 is small in size which is supported not just by Windows 10 but also by Linux. It consists of 2.2GHz quad-core CPU, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 60GB of SSD hard drive and 3 USB ports and an SD card slot as well. The Beelink AP3 is an okay device but its hardware is like of a mid-range laptop. It supports 4K Ultra HD resolution. Besides working like a streaming device, this box can do anything that a computer with Windows 10 can do which makes it really efficient and easy to set up.

It also offers Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and Hulu etc. Its a good choice for those who prefer to have a familiar operating system to help them operate their personal entertainment system.




  • 2GB RAM
  • Not expensive
  • Mouse mode remote



  • Uses emulator




T95Z PLUS is a beautifully designed android box with a honeycomb pattern which makes it really nice to look at. It has an LED screen on its front that displays the current time. The remote that comes with this box has a mouse mode which is really efficient to use and it. The remote also has a Kodi shortcut button which makes the launch of Kodi way easier without needing to click an icon on the screen. It comes with built-in Kodi 16.1 Jarvis with many popular add-ons and on top of that a Kodi Updater which automatically updates Kodi every time a new update is released. It offers you customization of your apps however you see fit.

T95Z PLUS runs Android 6.0 along with Amlogic S912 2.0GHz Octa-core CPU and 2GB RAM. It provides HD streaming due to H.265 and VP9-10 Profile-2 decoding. T95Z PLUS has a nice interface which is also really easy to navigate.

In conclusion, If you are looking for the Best IPTV Box to buy in 2019, the main factor to count is the requirement. Hope you’d find this list helpful in selecting the best IPTV Device.